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'The Walled Garden' is an audio-visual piece consisting of several collaged elements. The audio is a collage of voice and synthesiser improvisations, textures, words and field recordings. The video is a corresponding collage of footage of flowers, plants, water and places at the edge of cities. On top of the video is a feedback loop performed live with a webcam, which feeds the original video back through itself, cutting out certain colours with greenscreen technology to create a flickering, unpredictable textural layer on top of the original video.
The audio/video element is broken into six parts and lasts 22 minutes in total. On each reloading of the page, a random fragment of the video appears. This is set in a webpage that expands the collage beyond the rectangle of the video by introducing a randomised looped moving background taken from the video and a randomised line from the lyrics as a heading.